Kamis, 20 Maret 2014

Eating Patterns That Makes Your Metabolism Slows!

You probably already know if your metabolism will slow down with age. However Accordingly, many factors, especially diet is wrong, often the cause of lowering the metabolic rate of your body so that you are more difficult to lose weight. Check out some errors in diet are often the main cause of a slowing metabolism of your body follows.

Here are some habits that you can fix to keep the fat-burning machine in your body on all day, which was developed by the nutritional experts at Georgia State University.

1. You eat less
You need to cut calories to lose weight, but it is important to not do it excessively. If you eat less than you need for basic biological functions commonly called BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), then the body will lower your metabolism. It also will break down muscle tissue -burning calories worth of energy.

2. You avoid caffeine
Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, so it can speed up the metabolism up to 5-8 - % - about 98-174 calories per day. According to a study in Japan, a cup of brewed tea can boost your metabolism by 12 %. Researchers believe the antioxidant catechins in tea may increase metabolism. Still, caffeine consumption in moderation, should not be excessive.

3. Your carbohydrates are simple carbohydrates
Increase your fiber intake by switching to whole wheat bread, brown rice and eat more fruits and vegetables. Research shows that some fibers may accelerate the burning of fat by 30 %. You need to consume as much as 25 grams a day.

4. Your food is less protein
Make sure the protein contained in each of your meals. Protein is needed to help increase metabolism, increase muscle growth, keeping appetite and maintain muscle fat free. Research shows protein can burn calories by as much as 35 %.

5. Your diet is not enough vitamins and minerals
Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that play a role in maintaining metabolism and body systems are running optimally. So, if you lack the vitamins and minerals from the daily diet, multivitamin and mineral supplements should be considered for your consumption. Vitamins, especially vitamin D is important for maintaining a fast metabolism is still running. Unfortunately, the researchers estimated that most of us do not get enough vitamin D through diet everyday. Then, minerals such as iron are also very important for transporting oxygen your muscles need to burn fat. In addition to iron, the study also shows that consuming calcium through dairy foods such as skimmed milk and low-fat yogurt can help burn fat and reduce fat absorption from other foods.

6. Your lack of drinking
Water is one of the essential nutrients to help increase the body's metabolism so that the body is able to burn fat optimally. For that, make sure you drink water in sufficient quantities, ie 8 glasses a day.

Well, after knowing some food habits that can actually slow down your metabolism, then start the diet correct the error and immediately activate fat burning in your body! To get other tips, you can get a complete guide to learn. One of my recommendations is a metabolic override that will give you guidance on the body's metabolism.